I’m Amber, Founder of Nashville Vocal Studio

After years of performing as a professional singer, songwriter, and even co-hosting a show on CMT, I began to rethink my career and tap into my true passion for education. I’ve always been a massive nerd about both voice and music and knew there was a disconnect between artists using their voices and understanding how to use their voices. I didn’t want to just give artists the tools they needed to hit the high notes—I wanted to empower them to tap into their unique artistry and create songs and stories that are authentically them.

With this in mind, I founded Nashville Vocal Studio in 2011. Since then, we’ve grown to impact thousands of artists around the world. From Grammy-award-winning performers to Karaoke kings and queens.
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The Right Tools and Support Can Transform Your Voice

Whether you’re on a cross-country tour, preparing for your first full-length album, or rocking the karaoke stage, one thing is certain—the pressure of being a vocalist can be daunting. But the good news is, you’re not alone. With Nashville Vocal Studio you’ll find…

…pros available to you on your time; whether in the studio, on the road, or far off places in between

.…the tools you need to take care of your voice not just right now, but for years to come

.…Training that goes beyond your vocal conditioning and helps you shift your mindset to be a top performer.…options affordable for everyone—not just the stars.

Amber Mogg Cathey

Mix Voice
Studio and Tour Prep
Vocal Health

Dubbed by her students as “the voice whisperer,“ Amber is uniquely skilled at finding and remedying the vocal obstacles keeping contemporary singers from their best and most effortless singing. She trains her singers like the vocal athletes that they are, focusing on balancing and strengthening the voice using techniques based in voice science. Amber also works with singers after illness or injury to restrengthen the voice, many times in collaboration with a team of voice care specialists. Her clients are major and indie label recording artists, songwriters, stage performers, vocal artists and karaoke kings and queens. They have appeared on The Voice, American Idol, Nashville, The X-Factor, The Today Show, America's Got Talent and Good Morning America.

Eva Cassel

Vocal Artistry
Aspiring Vocalists

California native Eva Cassel is a professional singer, songwriter, and graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. Eva specializes in helping singer-songwriters and fellow independent artists find and develop their best voice, while staying true to the unique sound that is the core of their artistry. She also offers songwriting coaching for beginner to professional songwriters, providing insight and support in artist development, and the realities of maneuvering today's music industry. Eva's warm and welcoming personality creates an environment for anyone to take risks and make measurable gains.

Brooke Stanifer

Professional Speakers and Singers
Vocal Injury Prevention
Vocal Rehabilitation

Brooke is a voice and speech therapist with a specialization in professional singing and speaking voice. Brooke inspires hope in her clients through genuine relationship and individualized treatment approaches to help you understand and overcome your voice issues. Brooke has experience treating a variety of vocal disorders including vocal nodules, polyps, cysts, muscle tension dysphonia, paradoxical vocal fold motion and more. Whether you simply want to learn more about preventing injury or you need strategic voice therapy, Brooke is ready to equip you with tools to rediscover your voice.

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