Amber Mogg Cathey

Dubbed by her students as “the voice whisperer,“ Amber is uniquely skilled at finding and remedying the vocal obstacles keeping singers from their best and most effortless singing. She trains her singers like the vocal athletes that they are, focusing on balancing and strengthening the voice using techniques based in voice science. Amber also works with singers after vocal injury to rehabilitate the voice, many times in collaboration with a team of voice care specialists. Her clients have appeared on The Voice, American Idol, Nashville, The X-Factor, The Today Show, Good Morning America and America's Got Talent. They are major and indie label recording artists, songwriters, voice-over artists, musical theatre performers, public speakers and karaoke and shower singing kings and queens.


Christopher Tokarsky

Christopher has extensive experience in both commercial and classical styles of singing as well as a masters degree in audio engineering. He is a classically trained tenor who graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in vocal performance. He also holds a certificate in commercial music studies and has trained in commercial styles of singing for the past two years with studio owner Amber Mogg Cathey. Chris is encouraging and compassionate and utilizes a holistic approach leaving his students feeling accomplished after each lesson.

Christopher works with singers ages 9 and up.


Courtney Freeman

Courtney helps keep the studio running by responding to your emails, answering your calls and helping you schedule with the teacher that is best for you! A Virgina native, she grew up singing gospel music with the Washington Performing Arts Society before coming to Nashville to receive her degree in Music Business from Belmont University. Courtney is a wonderful singer and songwriter and has been singing with the studio for many years. She also happens to be an organizational queen.


Dana Pirzchalski

Dana has a wealth of experience in both commercial and classical styles of singing. She studied as a classical soprano and graduated with a degree in vocal performance from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. At the same time, she was performing and teaching commercial styles of singing such as pop, rock, country and gospel and she was a vocal coach and workshop leader at the We Rock! summer camp in Washington, DC. Dana's fun and interactive teaching style, combined with her passion for vocal health and technique, will enable singers to develop their best and healthiest sound.

Dana works with singers ages 9 and up (*singers under 9 at the discretion of the studio).


Eva Cassel

California native Eva Cassel is a professional singer and songwriter and a fellow graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. Eva previously taught voice and songwriting in the San Fransisco Bay Area and she specializes in helping singers find and develop their best voice, while staying true to their unique and individual sound. Eva’s warm and welcoming personality puts singers of all levels at ease creating an environment to take risks and make measurable gains.

Eva works with singers ages 13 and up.


Dana is so attentive and knowledgable. I started hearing and feeling progress within just a month!

Nell Maynard