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Our online membership gives you the tools you need to sound like a pro—all on your schedule! Get time with vocal experts, find support from other singers like you, and improve every aspect of your craft while gaining confidence week after week.
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Use the Vocal Gym, plus get access to all new exercises, workshops, and courses, including Erase Your Break. Practice on your schedule with 24/7 access.

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All of our resources and lessons are created with a strong foundation in voice science to give you a factual, functional education.

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Make progress and improve your vocal health, technique, and artistry with a monthly membership that gives you the tools to reach your goals.

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Connect with Amber and other vocal experts every month via LIVE sessions where you can ask questions, get feedback, and connect with other singers.

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Get 30% off private voice lessons with one of our vocal coaches and receive priority scheduling when you’re looking to dive deeper into your vocal development.

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Dial in your focus and improve a certain aspect of your vocals with expert courses like Erase Your Break and mini-courses on topics from tension relief to performance management.
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Vocal Fit exercise library and vocal gym with 100+ audio and video exercises for all areas of the voice
Tailored vocal workouts delivered directly to you every week
Live time with our vocal experts inludcing Bi-monthly coaching calls, masterclasses, live workouts and more (recordings available)
All online courses - current and future - including our flagship Erase Your Break online Course (a $297 Value)
30% off single lesson pricing and prioirity scheudling
all studio workshops and special events
access to our supportive, private community
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Elevate your vocal skills even further with our Vocal Pro Plus Membership. Enjoy all the benefits of our fantastic Vocal Pro Membership plus get bi-weekly or weekly 1-on-1 lessons with your chosen coach.
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I absolutely love the vocal gym! Whatever mood I‘m in, I find the perfect exercise. A little SOVT between meetings during home office? A new agility exercise? Everything is right there. Perfect!

Singer & Musician, Munich Germany

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