Online VOCAL lessons

Online lessons enable you to work with top vocal instructors in the heart of Music City  - that would be us! - from  the comfort of wherever you are.  Stop letting location dictate what’s available to you, skip any commute and let us bring the professional vocal studio right to you.
We use the Zoom platform for our lessons. We find it has consistently great quality and you can download it for free.

Just a Few Benefits of Online Singing

One of the best things you can do is to sing in front of a mirror so you can really see what’s going on: are there signs of tension, how are you shaping your vowel, how much are you actually opening up your mouth. With online lessons you get to watch yourself on camera and use your device as that mirror for the entire session.
When singers are in the comfort of their own space and without the studio keyboard to constantly watch and tell them when they are getting near their tricky areas, they tend to relax and go through their lesson with less tension, allowing them to access their voice with greater ease and success. Many times, taking that extra mental piece out of it can really help!
You can record all of your lessons so you can go back and review at any time. Hearing and watching yourself sing is a fantastic tool.
You receive recordings of any exercises we work on during your lessons so that you can continue your work outside of just your lesson time.


  • Learn how your voice works for your most effective singing
  • Expand your range and develop connection throughout
  • Erase your break
  • Gain more power
  • Develop and solidify your own sound
  • Strengthen breath support
  • Increase stamina
  • Enhance vocal tone and quality
  • Relieve tension
  • Improve pitch and vocal agility
  • Increase consistency and confidence
  • Focus on vocal health
  • Polish performance skills
  • Further career longevity

What You Need:

  • A good internet/cellular connection
  • A computer, tablet or phone
  • It is ideal to have a 2nd device if you would like to play any backing tracks (think lessons on your computer and tracks on your phone)
  • Headphones, if you have them

I first started taking online lessons with Nashville Vocal Studio when I was in New Jersey, over eight hundred miles away from Nashville. Without ever being in the same room, Amber was able to grow my range, improve my tone, and make my vocal performances more effective. Since moving to Nashville, I've continued to take a a mix of in person and online lessons. I can honestly say that her lessons are the same regardless of how they happen: they’re great.

Sarah Killian
Singer and Songwriter