What Taylor Swift Can Teach Us About Being a Vocal Athlete and Artist

Our Founder's Thoughts on the Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Nashville

Our founder, Amber Mogg Cathey, was able to attend the Taylor Swift concert in Nashville this weekend and had these key takeaways to share...

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Nashville, and it was a pretty unforgettable experience. If you are a singer and/or performer, at any level, here are some things that Taylor Swift and her recent performances can teach us:

It takes an incredible range of skills.

As I watched her perform, I was struck by the incredible range of skills that go into being a professional singer. The creativity and artistry that singers bring to their craft are truly awe-inspiring. Whether it's crafting lyrics, composing melodies, or interpreting other artists' songs, singers must have a deep well of creativity to draw upon.

It requires major athleticism.

But that's just the beginning. Being a high-level singer requires such athleticism. It's not only the vocal athleticism needed and all of the training it takes to develop and then maintain the necessary vocal flexibility, control and stamina to work at that level but, then there's constant choreography, dancing, moving up and down ever changing sets and then jumping in to play other instruments.

The human connection elevates everything.

And she's doing all of this, all while simultaneously creating a human connection with the audience that makes everyone feel they are part of something really special.

It demands serious dedication.

Watching Taylor Swift perform and do all of this for nearly 3 1/2 hours solid was such a testament to her incredible athleticism and artistry but it was also a testament to the unbelievable dedication and heart put in by so many singers and musicians performing at all levels.

Enormous Appreciation

As I left the concert, I couldn't help but feel an enormous appreciation for the singers I work with every day. I feel so privileged to do the work that I do and I so hope that you get to have a live music experience, very soon, that makes you feel that awe and appreciation.

Thank you for your voice. Thank you for taking the vulnerable risk of sharing it, in whatever way that you do. And thank you for reading.