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Vinyasa and Voice Workshop

Online Yoga for Singers Class | Saturday, April 17 10:45am-12pm US CT

Breathe, Stretch, Flow, Release, Sing!  

Taught by professional vocalist, singing teacher and yoga teacher, Rosie Secker of Vox Yoga.

Yoga can be fantastic for singers to connect their body, breath, mind, and voice. Rosie will guide you through a 75 minute Yoga for Singers practice, allowing you to move and sing with ease.

This class will use elements of yoga to explore the connection between the body and breath. We’ll practice techniques to use our breath in different ways, but also deepen our understanding of how our breath and body can help to support our voice.

We’ll move and flow, allowing our voice to follow our breath, and aim to finish the class with a new sense of awareness. The session is also helpful to release unnecessary tension, improve alignment, focus the mind and serves as a great vocal warm up.

This class is suitable for all abilities, no yoga experience needed and suitable for any type and level of singer!