Whether a professional singer looking to improve vocal stamina and longevity, an aspiring singer working to sign that first artist deal or book that first big show, an amateur that has never taken lessons and hopes to blow friends away with newly amazing karaoke skills, or a child with a real love and talent for singing hoping for a lead in the school play, Nashville Vocal Studio offers vocal coaching to singers of all styles, ages and experience levels. With a focus on good technique, based on vocal function and vocal health, singers are given an individualized coaching approach specific to their unique voice and goals. All sessions are currently online due to COVID-19.


  • Learn how your voice functions for your most effective singing
  • Expand your range and develop connection throughout
  • Erase your break
  • Gain more power
  • Develop and solidify your own sound
  • Strengthen breath support
  • Increase stamina
  • Enhance vocal tone and quality
  • Relieve tension
  • Improve pitch and vocal agility
  • Increase consistency and confidence
  • Focus on vocal health
  • Polish performance skills
  • Further career longevity

Our #1 Voice tool

If you are a professional or aspiring professional voice user, The Voice Straw combo kit is an invaluable tool. Singing through the right size of straw creates a more efficient and effortless vocal fold connection, relieves tension, smoothes out cracks and trains resonance - all key to your best voice!
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