Elevate Your Voice

Vocal Instruction for the Aspiring to Professional Singer

Vocal Health

Vocal health provides the foundation for all that we do. With professionals certified in vocal health first aid and vocal habilitation - the process of healthily maintaining the voice for optimal function - we help our singers increase vocal efficiency, decrease fatigue, reduce potential injuries and restrengthen the voice after illness or trauma.


We provide functional voice training equipping our singers with a deeper understanding of their instrument and the tools for their best and most effortless sound.  AKA we teach you how to work with your voice and body versus against them. We don't prescribe to a one-size-fits-all approach and instead utilize evidence based methods specific to your voice and your goals.


Vocal health and technique enable singers to most successfully accomplish their ultimate goal: communicating emotion and connecting to their audience. Our job is not to change your sound but to help you find and develop your own uniqueness and the ability to share that fully. Whether prepping for the recording studio or a live tour, we help your artistic vision and voice to shine through.


Work with top voice instructors in the heart of Music City from wherever you are in the world


A good internet/cellular connection
A computer, tablet or phone
It is ideal to have a 2nd device if you would like to play any backing tracks (think lessons on your computer and tracks on your phone)
Headphones, if you have them

Just a Few Benefits of Online Singing

Singing in front of a mirror is an invaluable tool because you can really see what’s going on: are there signs of tension, how are you shaping your vowel... With online lessons you get to watch yourself on camera and use your device as that mirror for the entire session.
When singers are in the comfort of their own space, they tend to relax and go through their lesson with less tension, allowing them to access their voice with greater ease and success. Plus, no battling traffic!
You can record all of your lessons so you can go back and review at any time. Hearing and watching yourself sing is a fantastic tool.
You receive recordings of any exercises we work on during your lessons so that you can continue your work outside of just your lesson time.


Studio Memberships Include:

  • NVS vocal gym/exercise library with audio recordings for all areas of the voice and all levels of singers available 24/7 with some accompanying video instruction
  • Monthly workshops at no cost hosted by experts inside and outside of the studio
  • Weekly Zoom office hours and Q&A time
  • Monthly group make up class with a new focus each month
  • A supportive artistic community
  • Premium Membership includes a secured 30 or 50 minute lesson day and time for every week the studio is open

I first started taking online lessons with Nashville Vocal Studio when I was in New Jersey, over eight hundred miles away from Nashville. Without ever being in the same room, Amber was able to grow my range, improve my tone, and make my vocal performances more effective. Since moving to Nashville, I've continued to take a a mix of in person and online lessons. I can honestly say that her lessons are the same regardless of how they happen: they’re great.

Sarah Killian
Singer and Songwriter