Elevate Your voice

Vocal Lessons and Coaching for the Aspiring to Professional Singer

Vocal Health

Minimize Injury...
With voice professionals certified in vocal health first aid and vocal habilitation, and a speech-language pathologist on our team, we help our singers increase vocal efficiency, decrease fatigue, reduce potential injuries and restrengthen the voice after illness or trauma.


Build A Voice You Can Trust...
We equip our singers with a deeper understanding of their instrument and the tools for their best and most effortless sound.  We don't prescribe to a one-size-fits-all approach and instead utilize evidence based methods specific to your voice and your goals.


Slay Your Performance...
Our job is not to change your sound but to help you find and develop your own uniqueness and the ability to share that fully. Whether prepping for the recording studio or a live tour, we help your artistic vision and voice to shine through.

In-Studio Voice Lessons and Coaching

Work with top voice instructors in our Nashville studio, right next door to the legendary Bluebird Cafe.
The foundation of everything we do rests on three pillars: vocal health, technique, and artistry. From there, our holistic approach to voice training is tailored to best suit the needs of each of our unique singers. We learn the ins and outs of your voice, body, and mindset so we can equip you with the best tools to ensure you’re a strong singer who understands your instrument well enough to crush every performance without injury.

Online Voice Lessons and Coaching

Connect with top voice coaches in the heart of Music City from wherever you are in the world.
Get all the benefits of Nashville Vocal Studio’s training and coaching techniques through online lessons. Meet us online for tailored lessons that are built around your voice, needs, and schedule! You can record each lesson, allowing you to not only increase your self-awareness but also continue work outside of lesson time. 

New Client Intake Session

Required for all new clients
This 25-minute Zoom call is for all new singers! You'll get to meet with one of our vocal coaces for a brief voice assessment, to discuss your goals and to learn about all that Nashville Vocal Studio offers. We’re here to answer any and all your questions so you can make the best choice for you.

On-Location Voice Support

Deliver your best performance with dedicated support while in the studio or on stage.
Being able to clearly interpret feedback from engineers or record label producers makes for a happier, more relaxed session but it's not always easy to understand how to incorporate what they’re saying into your performance. With on-location studio support, your vocal producer will take their feedback and adapt it into tools and techniques you as the vocalist can act on - leading to a successful session and a happy team. We also help produce and arrange vocal harmonies on the spot! 

The same level of support is available for live performances. We help singers with a warm-up,  vocal prep, and performance prep so you can walk out on stage ready to nail your set! We currently offer this service for those in Nashville and surrounding areas. Day and multi-day package rates are available.

Voice Health Assessment (In-studio and Online)

Discover your path back to vocal health with a vocal habilitation professional.
Vocal health provides the foundation for all that we do. If you've noticed recent changes in your voice, it could be time to schedule an assessment with certified vocal habilitation professional and vocal health specialist, Amber Mogg Cathey. We help our singers increase vocal efficiency, decrease fatigue, reduce potential injuries, and restrengthen the voice after illness or trauma. This assessment will determine what approaches are needed to return to your healthy baseline or if you need to be referred to more specialized help.

Songwriting Lessons
(in-studio and online)

Learn how to craft songs suited to your style.
Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, we’ll teach you the craft of songwriting - from song arrangement to expressing your story through lyrics in the most compelling way possible. Songwriting coach and indie artist Eva Cassel will strengthen your songwriting skills through melody writing, lyric writing, song structure, song editing, and more.

I first started taking online lessons with Nashville Vocal Studio when I was in New Jersey, over eight hundred miles away from Nashville. Without ever being in the same room, Amber was able to grow my range, improve my tone, and make my vocal performances more effective. Since moving to Nashville, I've continued to take a a mix of in person and online lessons. I can honestly say that her lessons are the same regardless of how they happen: they’re great.

Singer and Songwriter